National Warehouse

70,000 m² | Total Horizontal Storage Area

  • We offer flexible storage solutions to our customers with a total of 70,000 m² of closed and 13,000 m³ of liquid free warehouses located in Mersin, Derince, Hereke, Tekirdağ, and Balıkesir regions.
  • Our 19,800 square meter facility in Mersin stands out by providing a modern and secure storage environment and offering boutique services tailored to customer needs. The 10,000 square meter A-type bonded warehouse in Derince is distinguished by its strategic location and operational efficiency. In Hereke, we provide customizable storage solutions tailored to customer operations within a facility of the same size. In our facility located in the Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone, we ensure service integrity by providing customs clearance for all products under temporary status. In Tekirdağ, we offer both horizontal and liquid storage capabilities, ensuring functional service integrity in the region.

Flexibility and customization are prioritized in our storage areas to meet our customers’ needs and help them manage their operations most efficiently. At EkinAta, we are proud to offer services capable of responding to the unique demands of each customer with the flexibility and capacity they require. In short, “we store your values.”