The human resources management approach in EkinAta Group companies includes the creation of approaches and practices that will support the strategic goals and performance as well as responding proactively to the specific needs of different sectors in which business is done.

The human resources policies in the Group, which consists of the companies in different sectors and different structures, are determined to provide flexibility for the special conditions and needs of companies. The main purpose in the formation of these policies is to determine the basic understanding on which the practices and priorities of the EkinAta Group for the management of human resources are based.

Our Human Resources Policy

The Human Resources Management aims

  • to be the employer preferred by the qualified workforce,
  • to select and recruit the most suitable workforce with the corporate values of the EkinAta Group, who will carry the group to the future,
  • to meet the future workforce needs of the Group with a global perspective and proactive approach in selection and recruitment.
  • To create a development environment and opportunity for employees to realize their continuous development and potential,
  • To ensure that the managers regularly monitor employee performance by creating a culture where employees undertake development responsibility and support open communication regarding this,
  • o direct the development of employees in order to create a qualified, successful, global workforce and leader pool

are the main responsibility of the Human Resources.

  • Constantly reviewing the organization, human resources, systems and processes and structuring them in line with the needs in order to ensure the continuity of the success of the group,
  • Monitoring the performance of employees with high potential and evaluating them in line with the current and future needs of the Group,
  • Increasing in-group assignment, transfer and rotation practices for the development of employees and the organization

are the priority of the Human Resources.