Railway Transport

EkinAta, which develops its service area every day by making complete and partial transport organisations in line with the needs of your business, can provide service from Turkey to Europe, Balkans and Turkish Republics. Again, we meet the needs of our importers in this direction by making the regular organisation of the cargoes coming from Europe and the Balkans to Turkey. Together with our temporary storage area in Balıkesir Organised Industrial Zone, we benefit our customers with a complete service integrity.


As EkinAta, we meet your needs perfectly with the logistics services we offer in the field of road transport. Below we have listed some of the services we can offer for you:

– Complete and Partial Service

We offer both complete and partial transport services according to the quantity of your products.

Project Loadings

We also offer you the transport services you will need for your special projects. Our professional team plans in accordance with the requirements of your project and provides the most appropriate logistics solution.