Innovative Logistics Services in Turkey and Beyond

The foundations of the EkinAta Group of Companies were laid in the 1970s, initially starting its operations primarily in the domestic transportation sector. Thanks to the forward-looking vision and innovative mindset adopted by its management teams, the organizational structure that developed in parallel, and the level of performance achieved, the GROUP companies quickly reached significant positions on national platforms.

Today, EkinAta Group consists of 7 companies spread across 6 main activity areas: Domestic and International Logistics Services, Import-Export, Construction, Petroleum, Tourism, and Domestic and International Transportation Services.

With its technological and administrative infrastructure, position in the logistics sector, over 400 technical and administrative personnel, proprietary vehicles, and machinery, it has integrated its activities and innovative projects to serve its customers, achieving superior positions both domestically and internationally.

The focus of EkinAta Group’s investments and activities is to reflect the logistics sector, which requires extensive expertise, to its domestic and international clients by using Service and Technology together, contributing to the successful completion of its projects.

The value we place on our work is more than it seems.

Why EkinAta?

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