Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy

We are aware of our responsibility for a sustainable world and aim to continuously improve our corporate performance in environmental, social and governance dimensions.

With the team formed by our employees with high level of awareness and participation;

To prevent environmental pollution by implementing the requirements of the Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System, to eliminate hazards that may harm human health and safety, to manage all kinds of negative impacts and risks, to keep them under control and to protect them,

Prevent all injuries and health impairments, especially those caused by unsafe behaviour,

We aim for continuous improvement.

In this direction;

To comply with the legal legislation, compliance obligations and the conditions of the organisations we are a member of,

– To use energy, especially natural gas and electricity, correctly and efficiently and to reduce the consumption of natural resources,

– Reduce our CO2 emissions through our renewable energy production,

– To take necessary actions by assessing the risks and opportunities related to climate change and to carry out activities to contribute to the transition to a low carbon economy,

– To prevent pollution and protect the environment by minimising ecological impacts in our products and processes by using secondary raw materials as much as possible for sustainability,

– Technical and financial means permitting