Our Human Resources Policy

EkinAta adopts to respect human rights within the framework of local laws and to respect the legal and human rights of employees. In this context, it undertakes to implement the following items.

To recruit qualified manpower with the knowledge and skills required by their duties.
To provide all our employees with development and training opportunities in accordance with their talents and the requirements of their duties.
To provide our employees with an effective communication and motivational environment where they can use their creativity and express their ideas.
Not allowing anyone under the age of 18 to work in our company in accordance with the requirements of the Labour Law. To apply this restriction in our facilities also in subcontractors who do business with our company.
Not to force anyone to work against their will. Not to demand employees to pawn their identity cards or cash under any condition and scope. To respect the right of employees to leave the workplace at the end of the working day. To respect the right to leave the workplace by complying with the notice periods.
To apply the normal weekly working time as 45 hours. To request overtime work from our employees on a voluntary basis only when unforeseen business conditions occur, within the framework of legal limits. To give 1 day of week holiday after every six working days. To respect the work-private life balance of our employees.
Not to employ our pregnant female employees in our workplace for more than 7.5 hours a day.
To determine the wages of our employees to be at least equivalent to the minimum wage. While determining the wage