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Asay Construction, which is among the reputable construction companies of Turkey, was established in 2005 under the roof of EkinAta Group in order to carry out construction, contracting and investment activities with a focus on engineering services in order to bring its engineering, knowledge and experience to the application stage. Over 100.000 m2 of industrial warehouse-factory constructions have been completed and the success it has achieved in the construction of tourism and residential areas has been put into the service of the sector. Asay has successfully completed the construction of Turkey’s first 84.000 m3 over-sea grain silo in Bandırma harbour by combining the importance it attaches to the works with technical features in the highly competitive environment in the construction sector with its experience.

The construction of 19.800 m2 horizontal storage area in Mersin Huzurkent region was completed in the 6th month of 2024 and included in the logistics service sector.

In the 2nd period of 2024, it started the construction of a 10.000 m2 closed warehouse in Tekirdağ region and carries out its services.

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