Human Resources Practices

Recruitment System

In our company, recruitment needs are met by evaluating approved budgets or current demands in line with annual business plans. One of our main principles is to prioritize meeting employment needs from internal group resources first, followed by the use of external resources.

How can candidates apply to us?

The need for personnel within our company is announced to all employees through Applications can be made to the EkinAta Human Resources departments.

Methods that can be used:

  • Email / Job application portal: Application


New employees are first given general presentations about our company. Afterwards, these employees are provided with more comprehensive field training and presentations, detailing the department and the company they will be working in.

Department/Company Internal Technical Training:

These are the trainings provided within the framework of the activities and job descriptions of other departments for both new hires and existing employees.

Company Trainings:

These are budgeted personal development and professional technical trainings that we have identified in line with the competencies and work of our employees. They are organized by our Human Resources department.