Integrated Logistics Services

With our integrated logistics support applications, we carry the services we offer to you to a much richer and value-added point by removing them from the level of mere cargo transport. We support you to do your business perfectly with our additional services we offer for the discharge of the products we will undertake logistics from the ships and the organisation of the supply chain in the most efficient way by providing the hygiene and environmental conditions they need perfectly, providing all legal processes, providing the necessary documents and informing about the legislation and planning logistics processes in many other areas.



We are always your biggest supporter in order to expand your market volume and meet all your logistics needs perfectly in the sector you belong to. We work devotedly for the safe delivery of your cargo to all four corners of the world, and we are happy to support you in carrying your company to the future in the globalising world. Whether in the production process or in the final delivery phase… Wherever your source or destination is, it is our duty to make the world smaller for you. With our expert team and high motivation, we always strive to provide you with solution-oriented services.


As EkinAta Group, we are at your side with our storage services, which we aim to meet your needs in the most economical way with our flexible solutions that can be adapted to your production structure and expectations. We offer you modern and hygienic storage and storage solutions that offer the storage conditions that your products will need in all port regions of Turkey, protected 24/7 with uninterrupted security systems, integrated with the most advanced warehouse management and tracking systems.


As EkinAta Group, every customer we work with is special and valuable to us. We not only ensure that your cargoes are delivered safely and securely from production to their final destination, but we also offer a wide range of value-added services to each company we work with. We offer you all additional services such as timely unloading process, packaging, labelling, adding price tags, product control, packaging, handling, placement according to your production plan; so that you can manage your production and logistics processes in the most efficient way.