Port Services

Port Services

EkinAta prepares cost-based work and offers customers economic, evacuation, intermediate transport, storage and other logistics service solutions by guiding its customers to choose the right and suitable port. In addition, continues its activities by including logistics services in the complete solution process through the storage terminals located close to İzmir, Bandırma, Tekirdağ, Mersin, Derince and Hereke regional ports.

It can provide 24 hours uninterrupted service at all ports throughout Turkey with the

  • In-port storage capacity
  • Mobile packaging units
  • Special bag loading equipment
  • Conveyor belts
  • Work Machines
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Forklifts
  • Transport fleet and similar machinery and equipment that it owns.

Besides all these services, it also it carries out the services to its customers on the subject of stocking the transit and imported loads through our A-type general warehouse with a capacity of 84.000m3 located in Çelebi Bandırma International Port.

  • It also provides the
  • General cargo loading and unloading
  • Transport
  • Timekeeping
  • Surveillance and
  • Customs services.