Integrated Logistics Services

Integrated Logistics Services

Today, the logistics needs of companies are becoming increasingly complex. Increasing competition and targets to take part in the global markets have led companies to focus on their core business. The supply chain management, which is outside of its main business but has a decisive importance in the competition, has led to the emergence of companies specialized in this subject.

The companies targeting flexible and efficient supply chain management by means of the logistics service providers who have specialized and invested in the logistics infrastructure and the information technologies that benefit from economies of scale are directed to external source use (outsourcing).

EkinAta develops special solutions to its customers by using its experience in the logistic sector in the best way. It brings together the global solutions and local approaches with the understanding of knowing the logistics infrastructure of the country and managing this infrastructure in line with the customer expectations.

EkinAta Logistics provides optimum solutions from a single source by bringing together the expertise and resources of itself and its business partners in all sub-service groups that make up the integrated logistics services.

Our integrated services are the solutions where more than one of our storage, transportation, distribution and port management activities are brought together.

Many gains can be achieved with the integrated solutions such as

  • Simplified workflow

  • Expedited goods flow

  • Improved stock levels

  • Traceable processes

  • Variable and flexible cost structure

  • Productivity

  • Improved error, loss, damage rates

  • “Zeroed” logistics investments

  • Access to the expert human resources in the field