Izmir Logistics Terminal

EkinAta Integrated logistics solutions offer superior solutions in storage services, which it evaluates as an important intermediate process in its inclusive definition. It works to ensure that the products are included in the logistics system without any problems with value added services offered in the warehouses both behind the port and for the fields where the raw materials are extracted and for all kinds of products reaching to the warehouse with ship discharge and shipping storage service to customers in İzmir Aliağa and Alsancak regions by means of our logistics center of which head center is found in Bayraklı.

EkinAta offers road transportation, storage, stack loading services in all kinds of logistics models according to the customer needs with its strong fleet of vehicles it has as well as long-term leased horizontal warehouses and contracted supplier infrastructure.

We manage the service integrity in order to take the products to the warehouses and manage their journey to their final destination by offering the alternative logistics offers to our customers.

  • Ship evacuation and loading services at Aliağa and Alsancak ports
  • Possibility to stock 30,000 m of bulk grain products
  • Ability to seamlessly transport across Turkey
  • Special equipment transport services
  • Vegetable oil transportation services
  • Project load transports

While EkinAta provides value added services such as stacking, packaging, weighing and quality control of products in the warehouse; it offers solutions in general of Turkey regarding the smooth and safe storage.