Hereke Logistics Terminal

EkinAta integrated logistics solutions offer superior solutions in warehousing services, which it evaluates as an important intermediate process in its inclusive definition. It works to ensure that the products are included in the logistics system without any problems with value added services offered in warehouses both behind the port and for the fields where the raw materials are extracted and for any product reaching the warehouse with 7.000 m² of duty-free horizontal storage, 60-ton scale and 24/7 security service Located in Körfez Hereke region.

While EkinAta offers value-added services such as stacking, packaging, weighing and quality control of products in the warehouse, it offers solutions in general of Turkey regarding its smooth and safe storage.

Hereke Horizontal Warehouses

1.000 m²
1.000 m²
1.000 m²
1.000 m²
1.000 m²
1.000 m²
1.000 m²
2.000 m²

Technical Information

  • There are 7 units of 1,000 m2 and 1 unit of 2,000 m2 in our horizontal warehouses.
  • There are 2 electric generators in our warehouse. Two of them are 250 kVA and 100 kW to support all warehouse operation, the other one is 90 kWA and supports the bonded warehouse management building.
  • Our warehouse has all advanced communication facilities including 2 lines telephones, fax, modem line, internet, 4 in-plant hand-held radios and VHF. Lighting and ventilation are available in the warehouses and field.
  • There is a 60-ton scale in our warehouse.
  • It can make 4,000 m of products accepting and 1,000 m of load per day.

Business Information

  • Our warehouse has a highway connection.
  • The entire perimeter of our warehouse has been closed by turning the wall with wire mesh over the wall. Our warehouse has only one entrance – exit door.
  • There are security guards who are in a position to inspect the entrance and exit twice at the entrance and exit of our warehouse and constantly control the field. In addition, there are security cameras around the bonded warehouse and all dominant points and can be monitored.
  • The area used as a land vehicle parking area is 1000 m2.
  • The warehouse work is 24 hours, it varies depending on the number of workers and the type of goods imposed and evacuated.
  • 18. There are construction machines that can work with any load.
    There are 2 pieces of Volvo wheel loaders.
  • The security and health units are 1km away from the bonded warehouse and within Derince Municipality Borders.

Information Regarding Fire and Environmental Safety

  • There is a fire fighting water line in our warehouse that covers the entire area and can serve all warehouses.
  • There is a heat measuring device in our warehouse that can control the loads.