The foundations of EkinAta Group of Companies had been laid in the 1970s and it had started its activities mainly in the domestic transportation sector. The GROUP companies had reached to important positions in the national platforms in a short time with the forward-looking vision and innovative mindset adopted by the management staff, the organizational structure developing in parallel with this and the level of performance achieved.

Today, EkinAta Group had consisted of 7 companies spread over 6 main fields of activity including all Domestic and International Logistics services, Import-Export, Construction, Petroleum, Tourism and Chicken production. It had served to its customers by integrating its activities and innovative projects that

its technological and administrative infrastructure, its position in the logistics sector, and more than 300 technical and administrative personnel, its activities carried out with its own vehicles and machines, and its innovative projects that it maintains its technological and administrative infrastructure,

It continues to contribute to the successful completion of projects that are the focus point of EkinAta Group‘s investments and activities by using the Service and Technology together and reflecting the logistics sector that requires wide expertise to its domestic and foreign customers.

The value we give to our business is more than it seems.

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